Finding Your Ritual to Connect with Your Divine Intuition


Your inner being holds your deepest truths, knows your deepest desires, and knows how to get you there. The key to manifesting is to tune into your intuition and allow your inner wisdom to guide you. 

Have you ever experienced that feeling where something inside of you is bursting with excitement, joy and genuine intrigue by a particular subject, experience or even person? That is your inner being's messages, confirming that whatever was your object of attention aligns with who you really are.

Many of us spend our days seeking explanations and validation from those around us, but the truth is, all of the best insights come from our own inner-being. And even when we have that aha moment from someone else, nine times out of ten, it was your inner being that led you to even ask that person in first place. 


What exactly is the inner-being? 

Your inner-being is the spiritual part of you that is all knowing, that excites with inspiration, guides with intuition, and teaches through insight. This part of you is always present, always offering wisdom, but at times our ego and the world around us seems louder, drowning out the voice within us that is the most reliable source of information.  You might think of your inner-being as your own personal extension of God. I often refer to this part of myself as the inner-being, others say the divine self, some might call it your highest self, your deeper consciousness, soul or the spirit, and if you’re old school like my mom, you might even call it your holy spirit. But regardless of your naming convention, the essence is synonymous with the nonphysical presence within you that is infinite, ethereal and a true extension of the universal power. 


How do I connect with my inner-wisdom? 

The first step to gaining access to your higher self is to know that the answers to your questions are within you. The second step is to develop a ritual or routine that silences the world around you, even your own thoughts, focus you into the present moment, and allows you to tap into your inner-being. 

Here are 5 tips for strengthening your connection with your divine self:


Find stillness and quiet your thoughts 

These days, there’s just too much noise. From social media, to work, to family and friends, there are so many daily distractions that keep us from being able to even hear when inspiration or insight comes from our inner-being. 

The best thing you can do for yourself is find a place where you can get alone, can get really quiet, and allow yourself to get lost in your own presence. While it can be hard to quiet your thoughts,  during time of stillness, the key is to disconnect what the demands of your daily life and focus on the present moment. 

One tactic I like to do is imagine I can vividly see my energy field, and focus on the energy within. While focusing on my energy, I visualize a bright light beaming into my energy field, and focus on that light filling every cell in my body with exactly what I need. 

Another trick I do to quiet my mind and focus on my energy within is to play binaural beats. According to MindValley, a platform for mediation and improved cognitive function, “Binaural beats help ease you into a meditative state quickly, so meditation can be an engaging tool for personal growth, relaxation, or spiritual practice.” In my experience, binural beats put me into a place where all I can focus on is connecting with my intuition, and as certain thoughts pass through my mind, I know they are directly from my inner being since I have deliberately cleared my mind of any cluttered thoughts. 

There is power in stillness. Find as much time as possible to get still, quiet the mind and allow your intuition to send you messages. 


Surround Yourself with Nature

We all crave the peace and quiet that comes with open, outdoor spaces - and for good reason. Nature allows us to step away from the demands of daily life and hear more clearly from our inner-being. Nature comforts us and calms our nervous system. Being outside renews our spirits, encouraging us to look beyond our immediate circumstances. It also allows us to process difficult feelings in a judgment-free zone, playing a particularly important role with emotional regulation. Simply put, nature is restorative.

Research supports the healing power of nature. A 2022 study published in the International Journal of Mental Health and Addiction determined that nature therapy is an effective short-term treatment for mental health conditions, like anxiety. Researchers credit the efficacy of this treatment to the idea that being in nature allows the body to decrease its stress levels.

If you are seeking to hear your inner wisdom loud and clear, get outside, surround yourself with nature and allow the messages of your inner being to flow to you. 


Speak to your inner-being 

The essence of a healthy relationship is two way communication, and the same applies to your communication with your intuition. Next time you go into a meditation or moment of stillness– try, ask for guidance, an insight, or an answer. You can do this out loud or just in your mind. And it is in these very moments that the higher self communicates and can convey to you as much of its wisdom, power, and love that you can receive. Allow the voice of the higher self to speak to you, allow it to be your spiritual teacher as it can affect you in powerful ways. Notice what new thoughts you have after these moments of silence, calling upon your divine self. 

Best explained by MindValley,  when awaiting messages from your inner being, “It does require deep listening, trust, and patience” because when the message comes, its important that you are receptive.”

“Imagine talking with a friend in a noisy environment. You cannot hear them. So you can’t talk to your higher self if you have internal noise, nor can you hear what your higher self has to say. So the first thing to do is to lessen or stop your overthinking and cultivate deep listening.” 

It’s also important to know that messages from your inner being can sometimes feel cryptic and symbolic, rather than clear, and thats when patience kicks in. You have to practice patience, allowing messages to clarify for you. 


Connect to your breath as a conduit to your inner wisdom 

One of the most powerful ways to connect with the inner being is through the breath. As the Christian verse says, “when God created us, he breathed his life into our form.” 

Recent scientific studies even suggest that one can heal themselves through the breath. 

The breath is one of the most powerful elements of our human existence.  All things considered, use it as a vehicle to your inner being. 

In moments of stillness, focus on the breath as it feels your chest and then exits your body. Feel the sensation of the breath, as it is live-giving. 

By focusing intensely on the breath, you will transcend beyond your form, into a space where all that exist is energy. And if you’ve ever attended a breathwork class, you know exactly what I mean. The breath has a way of taking our presence somewhere ethereal, triggering emotions, thoughts or insights from your inner being. 

As often as you can, practice feeling your body with as much air as possible. And while it may feel a little uncomfortable and breathy for a bit, after awhile, you will experience something magical that can only be accurately felt, not explained. 


Practice journaling and intuitive writing 

In her book The Artist's Way, Julia Cameron recommends a practice called morning pages. According to her, morning pages are a stream of consciousness journaling practice, in which you write three pages every morning. 

Get started by writing anything that comes to mind, and usually your inner voice will reveal a clear and concrete direction by the third page.

Another form of journaling that has a ton of benefits is writing down your manifestations. There is something about feeling the thought flow your mind, through your hand, onto the paper. And something even more powerful about looking back on those journal entries, realizing what you wrote happened. 

 Last but not least, gratitude journaling is another way to connect with your inner being, as it offers love letters to your inner wisdom, thanking your inner self for all of the blessings bestwowerd upon you. 

All and all, journaling is one of the strongest forms of connecting with the inner-being. 


The bottom line.

Don't be afraid to listen to your inner voice, and do it often. It may seem easier to look for answers outside of yourself, but with patience, trust, and good listening skills, you'll be able to hear your inner voice when you need it most and find guidance from it.

Connecting with your inner being brings more power, love, wisdom, intelligence, guidance, abundance, and spiritual growth. Let your higher self become your best friend.

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